Preparation Process

  • Prepare powder coating equipment (Powder Paint Shop)
  • Prepare loading and unloading area (Loading & Unloading)
  • Prepare conveyor system (Conveyor System)
  • Prepare surface before coating (Spray Pretreatment)
  • Prepare electrostatic Powder Coating (Electrostatic Powder Coating)
  • Prepare curing oven (Curing Oven)

Tools Used in Spray Coating

  • Air compressor (50 liters or more) (Air Compressor)
  • Air regulator and filter (Air Control Unit)
  • Spray gun (Spray Gun)

Coating Technique

  • Mix and stir the paint well
  • Choose the hardener/thinner with slow-dry or quick-dry property depending on size of the workpiece and temperature of the spraying chamber
  • Choose the spray gun needle depending on type of paint and thickness required
  • Adjust the air pressure as required for fine film surface
  • Adjust the width of paint spray to size of the workpiece
  • Hold the spray gun parallel and perpendicular to the workpiece with correlated distance and speed
  • Make overlap of the paint droplets at least 50% for consistent density of the paint
  • Leave the paint matt for a while before starting to spray over the next layer